Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sci-Fi Bunker, Pt.5

Well what do you know, it's Part 5, already. First up---painting. The whole lower level and part of the top were hit with some Rustoleum texture paint. I went with this particular spray solely for the concrete texture, always planning on a different color over-coat. However, I'm finding this color is really growing on me.

Thought the front opening could use a defensive cover (when not firing). It is made of Evergreen Tile Squares, slightly larger than the tiles on the second level.
I think it's time we started adding firepower to this bunker. I wanted a gun mount that could move out and in, so I began with a base platform made of the same corrugated sheet I used for the bunker's floor. (See one of the earlier posts.) I CA'ed two lengths of 3/32 brass wire in the outer grooves. This is actually the bottom of the platform, and these wires will allow it to slide forward and backward on the base floor.
Next I turned the platform over, and glued two strong magnets in the center, then glued a platform over them. Two magnets may seem like overkill, but I needed an attraction strong enough to hold the platform to the floor, AND hold a gun mount to the platform.
Now I drilled holes in the floor and sub-floor to add more magnets (one in each location) and glued the floor in place. I CA'ed more brass wire to act as track.
I've added the interior walls. This shot shows the platform in it's rear position. The second is taken from behind, and shows it in the front position.
In these shots, I've mocked-up a gun mount to give you an idea of how the gun will function. The actual mount will have a greater range of motion.  The base of the mount (the tip of an automobile DC power adapter) has the same big magnet as the platform. Very strong bond.
 Notice where the front opening cover is stored during combat.
We'll be right back with Part 6 after these commercial messages.  Don

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