Friday, February 8, 2013

Big Freakin' Tank, Pt.2½

Here I am to finish Part 2.  (I only stopped earlier because the blog mechanics were acting up.)

This is the basic Stormlord Heavy Tank with the Vulcan Mega-Bolter. Normally I like to replace these types of barrels with brass tube, but the molding on these are just excellent.

The Banehammer Super Heavy Tank. This short barrel is a Tremor Cannon. With this weapon, the casement can be at the front or rear.
This is the Stormsword variant, with the Stormsword Cannon.
The Banesword Super Heavy, featuring the Banesword Quake Cannon.
The Shadowsword, with a, get this, MkIV Phateon Pattern Shadowsword Volcano Cannon. (Is someone overcompensating for something?)
And finally, the Doomhammer, sporting a nifty Magma Cannon.
And a little peek of what I'm thinking for the primary color of these tanks. This is Green Ochre, which is similar to German Panzer Yellow. Mixed with some green or gray camo, they should fit in with either a Cadian or Armageddon force. What do you think?
I realized I didn't show you how the barrels were made interchangeable. The base barrel had a large brass tube glued inside. I had to take care that the tube followed the axis of the barrel, otherwise the other barrels would be crooked.
 The other barrel pieces with the smaller brass tubes. they slide right in.
Part 3 will be the sponsons, and any other details I may have forgotten to snap. After that, it's just painting, though I may make a video of all the configurations before doing that. I think all the conversion work will show up better in its natural state.
I'm open to suggestions for a paint scheme.  Don

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