Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sci-Fi Bunker, Pt.3

Hold on to your butts, here's Part 3. At this point, some Terragenesis members felt the bunker opening might be too large. I had always planned on reducing the size of the opening somewhat, while knowing it would have to remain slightly large to allow access to the interior. These small wings were my original solution.

Wasn't real happy with that arrangement, but if there is one characteristic of a HobbyDr project, it's organic. It may end up far from where it began, and I've never had a problem gutting my work to improve it. And we all know how I loves me magnets. I would make the upper story removable for access, allowing me to strengthen the opening. Two pairs of magnets at the rear, and two pairs in the (now enlarged) wings, and the upper story snaps and holds securely.
 Snapped in place.
The upper floors will have external walls of ballistic tiles, with rolled-armor bars on the inside.
In most of my affairs, I am a sad, symmetrical man. Every once in a while, however, a mad mood of asymmetry strikes me, causing a state of catatonic apoplexy. (A round of heavy drinking usually cures this............or causes it, I can never remember which.) This is what caused me to add a third level on the left, which I angled to the front.
The upper level's central section should be an eye-catching position, so I made a couple of cardboard mock ups to see what I liked. This first one had three, tall, angled walls.
This second had vertical side walls, with an angled front. The tops of all three had a shallower angled parapet.

While working on the outer walls, I decided to go with the second option. Here is my progress after about six hours.
Don't go far, Part 4 is on the way.  Don

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