Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sci-Fi Bunker, Pt.2

WOW, fast and furious, you ain't a-kiddin'.  I need more height inside the bunker, so I began by adding 1/2" strips to the back half.

The upper floor is supported by 1/4" I-beams, for a total increase of 3/4".
Some closeups of the access hatch, with a SM for scale. More details to come.
The upper level now supported by H-beams. The upright beams are anchored in concrete posts. The whole complex sits on a tile pad.
Some better shots of the H-beams, including the welded-on gussets.
 I added a reinforced roof at the front of the upper level. Also exploring the feasibility of enlarging it.
Next up, Part 3. Don

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