Thursday, February 21, 2013

Battering Ram, Pt.3

Time to bring this project up-to-date. With all the framework complete, I could start on the various shooting platforms. These were made out of wooden coffee stirrers, which were thin with fine grain. (If you recall, I used them on the doors to the Mile Fort for the very same reason.) There was a small, front, top-level platform, shaped like the prow of a ship. Behind, separated by the pivot mechanism, was a larger, rectangular platform. Both had palisade walls. Below, over both sets of wheels were simple gangways without walls.
Some orcs, for scale.
Some detail of the gangways. I tried to make the planks as rough and irregular as possible.
I gave the upper platforms nice, semi-scalloped walls.
Which didn't take long to realize they didn't look very orc-like. ( Oh look honey, he's using Popsicle sticks.) So I attacked the individual planks with nipper, knife, and saw. "Death to rounded ends!" became my battle-cry. I also brutalized them with a wire brush. You can see the difference here, between front and back.
The effect of the wire brush becomes more evident in these shots.
Whoa, that front doesn't seem to offer much protection. No, it's lowered for the placement of some sort of ballista. Not the bright, cheery, brass ballistas I made previously, but some dark,  orcish, wooden brute.
That is as far as this project went. However, it is on my workbench right now, and I plan to make (at least) some progress on it. See you soon.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or criticisms on this, or any of my projects. Don


  1. that is awesome.

    any plans for adding access ladders/ropes, or are models deployed at the start, and if they die, "oh well"?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I plan on adding at least ladders, if not stairs. Don