Friday, November 16, 2012

Pontoon Bridge, Pt. 2

The painting is almost finished. The pontoon boats are Tamiya Medium Blue, the deck is Vallejo Green, and the 'curbs' are Polly-S Mineral Red. I have black washed all the elements to accentuate the individual boards, but I think I have darkened the colors too much, especially the blue. I might try to brighten it up. Here are all the sections on the beginning of a river diorama.
 Here you can see the hasty repairs made to the central pontoon. It was hit by a cannon ball, and patched by raw, unfinished planks.
The transition deck was also struck by a solid shot, but has yet to be repaired.
 A quick repair to cover some broken planks.

Comments or questions always welcome.  Don


  1. Very nice work dude, looks good enough to be a airfix kit (hope thats not a insult!)

  2. Thank you, that is quite a complement.

  3. I've nominated you for a Liebster Awards, see my blog here for details.

  4. Well, I'm honored.........I think. No, yes I'm honored. Thank you. I will have to think about my five favorites. (Yours is a given, but do you need to be nominated three times?)

    'Crazy' Don