Thursday, November 1, 2012

That Arab Ogre

Well, it's been a few days, and the consensus confirms what I was already feeling----the scimitar tower overpowered the OGRE.  I had gone ahead and 'fleshed-out' it out, and it seemed even larger. I then went on a sanding binge to reduce its size, and while an improvement, was still too big. ....I think, you tell me.

Here were the steps to make a 3-D tower. First I tapered the eighth inch central strut. Next I made four identical scimitars out of .030 styrene. I also made four pieces of the lower third of the scimitar. I glued two full-size pieces directly to the sides of the central strut, establishing the profile. Then came two of the small pieces, followed by two more full-size, and finally the last two small ones. (These helped create the 'flare-out' at the bottom.)  You can easily see that I lowered each successive layer onto the ball of the Main Gun. What you can't see is that the circular cutouts at the bottom of the scimitar became smaller as well, creating a spherical hole to hold the ball.


.................and back.
Finally I added two outer pieces without a cutout. and some thin .020 styrene to cover the laminations.
 Here is where I ended up after the sanding binge. It could be sanded a little smaller (or even re-made smaller), but unless I am willing to cut up the whole front, it will still sit too far forward. And as SJ Games no longer produces the plain Mark III, I am very reluctant to do that. (The Mark III-B is the only OGRE they still stock, and it was only available to the Combine and its allies anyway.)
 So, I need to come up with some other ideas. First I made a new tower, the same height as the original, but thinner with a curved front. Next I made some new-profile scimitars that were shorter, with a more pronounced curve.

Example 1.  Here the pieces are separated, and surround the front four AP guns.
Example 2. Here the profiles remain attached to each other, in a flat plane. They surround the Main Gun.
 Example 3. Similar to above, but the profiles angle back.
Example 4. In the above three examples, the 'hand grip' portion touches the tower. Here they do not. Actually, if this is the way I go, I'll probably eliminate the tower. It is a little hard to see here, but the two pieces do angle back a little.
So, which of these four do you like? Thanks for looking, and questions and comments always welcome. Don


  1. I hate to say this, but no. In the name of all things Holy in Ogre, just No.

    To make this project work, IMNSHO, you will need to go where you don't want to go. Otherwise, again IMNSHO, it just looks like gingerbread applied to the outside of the model.

    Sorry to be so harsh... but it had to be said, and only your friends could say it.

    1. I like you Ashley, though if you don't mind, I'll just call you Bruce.
      Harsh? No, I understand. You just want to see me take a jeweler's saw to on OGRE, doncha? Does this mean you think my original tower/main gun has potential? Also keep in mind the four new examples were done quick and dirty. How would you feel if they were made out of brass?

      I am open to suggestions.