Tuesday, November 6, 2012

That Arab OGRE, Pt. 3

What? I did what?  Yep, after playing with the variation from the last post for a day, I decided to hit it out to left field. Right or wrong, canon or not, something about a Middle Eastern OGRE just said "hovercraft" to me. ........So, here we are.

Something as big as an OGRE requires a two layer skirt, each layer consisting of individual outer chambers connected to a central plenum. (That way a single hit would not compromise the integrity of the entire skirt. How many chambers........... the same as the number of tread units on a standard Mark III. How convenient.) The exterior is covered by a flexible membrane.
Hedging my bets, the hover section is not permanently attached. Two magnets and a registration pin hold it firmly, yet allow removal (no easy task).
 The 'scimitars' are placed horizontally, protecting the front sections of the skirt.
 The 'shark fin' is shorter and more vertical.
 The large turbofans that propel this monster around. Their guts have yet to be finished.
 There will be movable vanes in the angled exhausts to steer this beast.
This  central joint  has been 'beefed-up' to include an air-intake to the front and rear plenums. That way this single fan can raise both front and rear.
OK, let me have it!       I await your comments. Don

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