Thursday, January 24, 2013

That Arab OGRE, Pt. 5

The project has been sitting on my table for the last two months, mocking me for the delay. I finally got tired of its smirks, and have (I believe......I hope) finished construction. Here is where we are now.

I've added the steering louvres and protective caps to the jet engines. I may try to paint those caps to resemble turbo-fans. I also began with a three-blade louvre in each engine, but felt the detail was too small to be noticed, so I went with single blades.
 The rear section.
The front. It was now I noticed how badly I mangled the tower. Took a little work to make it presentable.
 I've added the main and secondary guns.
The OGRE primed. This is actually the second priming. After the first, I found several glue blobs and filled panel lines. I fixed as many as possible.

Ready for the final paint job. I am leaning toward a desert sand color for the main body (already base coated it khaki), with dark brown and green highlights. The plenum will be Tamiya's semi-gloss black, while the top sensor will be gold. I am deciding between gold or silver for the 'scimitar' details. Any thoughts on the two?  Anyway, we're getting close.  Don


  1. Always nice to see progress being made, and if you think you've taken a while to finish this, remember my 21 years waiting to be painted Pan Euro armour.

  2. Most women are content to just buy a new frock, but you went the extra mile and had yourself painted (body painted?) in Pan Euro armour colour. That is real dedication.