Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mile Fort, Pt. 2

By now I had a clearer vision of what I wanted this to be. I imagined a long defensive wall similar to Hadrian's wall, and this would be similar to one of that wall's Mile Forts. (Oh look, there it is in the title.)
Further, this fort would be a sally port for a troop of cavalry to counter any attacks on the wall. I also had just received a ballista by Zvezda, and wanted to make a shooting position for it on the roof.

Ok, I was pretty sure what I wanted the model to be, now the question was where I wanted it to be. I mean, what race built this, where in Middle Earth would it be?  GW never really said. After examination, and some investigation, I saw it had many Dwarvish characteristics. But, the dwarves never built above ground, at least for themselves. However, they were close friends to the Noldorian elves who dwelt in Eregion, upon the west gate of Moria. It would not be unthinkable that dwarves would build such defenses for their friends.

Another possibility was these were part of the defenses built between the three kingdoms of Arnor after it broke up. At this point I decided to stop sweating it so much, as I was having too much fun building this.

After receiving the ballista, I experimented with placing it on the porch. In the end, there just wasn't enough room to aim it, and the doorway behind it was too small.

So I made a swiveling platform for its location on the roof. The  wooden platform behind allows the operators access to the engine through its full arc-of-fire.

The defensive wall in front..............

......................and its location on the roof. (At least where the roof should be.)

More to come.

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