Friday, September 23, 2011

Paneuropean Mk.III & -B, Pt.2½

OK, I think this all the farther I am going with this project. I've made a few changes that mostly satisfy me.
First I cut off the tops of the towers.

Next I cut a small strip of styrene to join the lower towers. The glue joint on the upper tower of the previous version was pretty weak, so I drilled and pinned it with a brass wire.

I drilled two holes on the underside to give more glue surface.......

..........while allowing me leeway to set the platform level.

If it turns out I don't like this arrangement, I'll abandon the two-tower concept and go back to a single tower. So far I'm OK with this set-up, but who knows how I'll feel in the morning. Your comments always welcome. Don

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